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Newsletter 29.5.21

Dear Parents/ Carers,

It has been a very productive half term and a pleasure seeing your children engaged in their learning over the last seven weeks. I would like to say thank you to all our staff who work so hard to keep your children happy and safe. Have a lovely half term – the weather forecast is looking which will be a lovely contrast to some of the wet weather we have endured of late. See you all in a week.

Fairy Garden

Nursery pupils have helped transform an unloved space into a fairy garden. There were lots of inquisitive little faces this week exploring the delicate, beautifully painted houses and stones. Thank you to Mrs Oliver for her creativity and art skills for making this happen.

Captain Tom 100 Challenge Winners

Well done to all our winners who completed their ‘100’ challenge in their own time. Some super entries.

Jonah Y1 – 100 star jumps

James Y1  – 100 star jumps

Leander  Y2 – Dived down in the pool to retrieve 100 items

Maisie Y3- 100 skates

Milo Y3 – cycled 100 laps around the local caravan park and donated 100 bars of soap to the local food bank

Juan-Diego Y4 – did 100 back drops on his trampoline

William Y5 – made the number 100 out of bricks

George Y5 – did 100 throws of a ball

Joana Y6 – made a 100 out of 100 finger prints

Tilly Y6  – climbed 100 walls whilst rock climbing

Y6 Team Earth

Hello, we are Team Earth, and we are trying to make the school more environmentally friendly. We, so far, added paper recycling bins to each of the classes of our site, and we plan to do many more things after half term: add paper recycling bins to the other site, trying to create some environmental club and finally making some litter picking teams. These are just a few ideas, but we have many more. We are looking forward to try and make a change in the world. Enjoy your half term. 🙂

Tilly and Zamora


There have been a few reported cases of headlice in school.  Please can you continue to check & treat your child’s hair for potential headlice.  Many thanks.

Parking in Residential Streets Near School

Please can we politely remind parents/carers to take care when parking in the residential streets near school.  We have had reports of people parking right up to the junction at Mallard close and neighbours have reported this to be an obstruction.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Children’s Summer Theatre Performance

Free Taster Sessions at Rockgodacademy


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