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Whatever we want to achieve at Osbaldwick, we work better in teams. The classes pull together as teams to encourage each other. Healthy competition is a great motivator. The teachers are a team and have each other’s backs. The governors and SLT share a common vision and collaborate as they serve and lead Osbaldwick Primary.

Be Kind

At Osbaldwick, we choose to look out for other people, for their feelings, for their well-being and for their growth. Our value of being kind impacts how staff treat children and vice versa. Our pupils have a culture of caring about how their actions affect others.

“Being kind means that you are caring for people and helping people with their work or helping them get up when they have tripped over.”

“I think being kind means to respect others and encourage them on what they want to do in their life, also to just give them privacy, help (if they need some) and to generally keep others happy.”

“If someone is not happy go and ask them to play with you”

Be Safe

We want each child and adult to come into our school feeling that it is a safe space to learn and work. Our aim is to instil in each child that they deserve to be kept safe by those who are responsible for them and that they need to consider how to make each other feel safe in school.

” Safe means that you feel like you don’t have to worry about anything and that the teachers and staff will look after you.”

 “Being safe means I don’t feel an outcast and I feel comfortable in the school.”

“We feel safe on the internet and using the Chromebooks”

Aim High

Whether it means getting a golden ticket, a pen licence, beating your own personal best, or just knowing that you have tried harder today than yesterday, aiming high is part of our DNA at Osbaldwick.

“Working hard and trying your best”

“School pushes us outside our comfort zone to try and make us the best we can be.”

Aiming high for me is, doing your best and keeping as positive as you possibly could do even when it’s a bad day.”

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