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Our EYFS practice is rooted in the needs of each individual child; we assess and plan accordingly with a holistic approach. Alongside children’s interests, key themes are thoughtfully planned through half termly topics to ensure our children have stimulating experiences within which to practise and embed key skills at the start of their journey through school. 

Our practice covers the new EYFS framework requirements and our curriculum is based on the non-statutory guidance documents: ‘Development Matters’ and ‘Birth to 5 Matters’.


Our curriculum across the year follows half termly topics. We start the year by supporting children as they explore their own identity. We then build up to explore the community within which we live and the wider world around us. 

Topics are adapted as necessary to respond to children’s interests and/or needs.

The children in our EYFS unit have high quality continuous provision that enables them to learn new knowledge and skills everyday. The topics are a guide to the experiences the children may have and a way to ignite the learning but this is dependent on the developmental stage the children are at. Provision is enhanced and adapted to meet the needs of all of our children in Nursery and Reception to ensure they meet their developmental milestones enabling them to be able to do, learn and know more. Our expectations are high. Our intent is to enable all of our children to ask, explore, and learn by being exposed to high-quality teaching, stimulating provision and enriching experiences.