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Excluding time spent in registration, break and assemblies, children have 24 hours per week direct teaching time. The school hours vary between the two sites.

The Leyes Site – Reception pupils

Morning Session – 08.45-9.00 until 12.00
Afternoon Session – 13.00 until 15.15-15.30



Pre-School (Osbaldwick Leyes Site)

Registration – 08.45-9.00
Morning Session – 08.50 until 11.50
Lunchtime – 11.55 until 12.30
Afternoon Session – 12.30 until 15.15-15.30
Pre-school ends – 15.15-15.30

Please ensure that your child is in school on time, as they may miss something important and will receive a late mark. Lateness is monitored by the headteacher as persistent/regular late arrivals will affect a child’s learning and progress.

We ask parents/carers arriving to collect and drop off children to think carefully where they park.