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Maths Sequence of Knowledge

Our vision for maths at Osbaldwick is to develop confident, resilient learners who are not afraid to tackle more demanding problems. We teach an engaging and carefully sequenced maths curriculum that builds on prior learning. Our curriculum is cumulative and once a taught unit is ‘finished’ it is linked throughout future learning wherever possible to enable children to make links and to make learning stick.

Substantive Knowledge

We believe that a secure foundation in basic skills is crucial to progression in reasoning. It’s our aim that our pupils leave school fluent in knowledge of basic number facts, knowledge of patterns and times tables and are able to make sense of the numerical world around them. Therefore in addition to maths lessons we timetable in daily ‘Smart Starts’  and Daily 15 sessions for the repetition of knowledge of facts and calculations which require regular practise and overlearning.

Disciplinary Knowledge

We use a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach to teaching across the school which allows children to develop a deeper and more conceptual understanding of the subject. We have an ethos of ‘mastery for all’ and ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to apply their substantive knowledge to reasoning and problem solving activities through our sequence of learning.


Our Maths Curriculum

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