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The computing year is split into three different areas of learning which the whole school follows.  

Cycle 1 – Digital Literacy:

In the Autumn term, the entire school works on how to safely use technology and how to have a positive impact on the digital world. 

Cycle 2 – Information Technology:

In the Spring term, the children are introduced to a range of information systems, such as databases, and learn to present information and media in a variety of different ways through the use of technology. The skills learned in this unit are applied to the wider curriculum through maths and science. 

Cycle 3 – Control Systems: 

In the Summer term, the children learn all about coding, from algorithms to debugging, and use the skills and knowledge gained to achieve a number of tasks: create a game, create a sensor, or other physical computing devices. Given the complexity of this unit, mini-lessons are integrated throughout all three cycles.

Throughout the computing curriculum we utilise unplugged and plugged materials so that children have a concrete understanding of processes before applying it to a computer system.