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Anti-Bullying Week and Non-Uniform Day – Wednesday 16 November




Next week 14-18 November is National Anti-bullying week and the theme this year is ‘Power for Good’.

We are going to have a ‘Super Hero Day’ on Wednesday, 16 November to highlight how we can be heroes and help look after each other  Next Wednesday will be a non-uniform day, children are welcome to dress up as super heroes if they wish. Please note this is to raise awareness for Anti-bullying Week, it is not to raise funds.

We will be discussing in some detail with the children how at Osbaldwick Primary School we can each be a positive power for good. We recognise that it is important to equip the children with the skills they need in order to look out for themselves and each other in a variety of different situations.  This can be in the playground, whilst on the internet, in class and around school.

We are spending time this week talking about how to stay safe on-line, how to be a good friend and role model. We are also re-iterating the strategies that we can use to address any problems that may arise. During this week all the children will be asked to sign our ‘Wall of Agreement’, which commits teachers and pupils to recognising the importance of looking after each other.

As ever we appreciate your support. We would encourage you to carefully monitor your child’s usage of the internet, whether that be the games they play, the websites they visit or the social media platforms they access. The link below is a leaflet which explains the risks to be aware of, how you can help your child stay safe and signposts links to further advice and resources which are available.

Do talk to us if you have any specific queries or concerns.


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