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Music Update

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all your continued fantastic support for music at Osbaldwick Primary.  I feel genuinely lucky to have such supportive parents.  You really do play an important part along with Teachers and Governors on making our music so successful, it is appreciated.  Here is my update for this newsletter:

  • We would like to warmly welcome Rupert Avis as Peri teacher at Osbaldwick Primary. He started teaching with us this week on Tuesday afternoon.  Thank you for all the parents who have already enrolled with Rupert.  He has a small amount of time left.  Places will be offered on a first come first served basis.  Rupert can offer: Classical, electric, bass guitar, cello, drum kit and music theatre singing.  

Costs are:  30 mins individual £15   20 mins individual £10

Group lessons (this is dependent on who else applies and is not guaranteed)

Drum Kit (2 people) = £5 per lesson  Music Theatre/Pop singing (4 people per lesson = £2.50)

Please contact Rupert on:

  • Please also remember that Brass, clarinet and Sax are taught by Mr Wilcox and Strings and ukulele, beginner guitar – Miss Crawford, Do visit the office for details of how to enrol your child.  NB:  New – Mrs Gibbons is now offering more advanced recorder (group £2.50 each) and flute. (group of 2 £5) as well as piano.  Any one interested, again do ask at the Lane office.
  • Choir – We are now preparing for a performance at Harvest.  The children sounded fantastic, tonight especially when they sang Naughty from Matilda the musical.  Any practice at home using You Tube is appreciated if possible.
  • Orchestra – Mrs Martin has said that all children are doing a super job.  If your child has peri lessons in school or out of school do think about sending them along on Monday evenings to orchestra, it is totally free.

Mrs Marshall

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