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Flu Vaccine – Reception to Y6

Dear Parent/Guardian of Reception to Y6 Children

The flu vaccine will be offered to all primary school and SEND children up until the day before their 18th birthday this year. Nasal flu vaccination is delivered in school. There are some occasions where an injection is the most appropriate route for vaccination for some children. The consent form that the link below takes you to is for Nasal Flu, if you select NO, you will be asked a series of questions to establish if your child is eligible for an injection.

School Name: Osbaldwick Primary Academy

School CODE: HD146028

Session Date: 2nd Decemeber 2022

Last date to consent is 7 days before the session date.

Please complete the link below to give consent. If you do not want your child to receive the vaccine then you can select the ‘NO’ option on the consent form.

After you have finished, if you change your mind or need to tell us about changes to your child’s medical history, do not complete another consent form. Please visit to contact the immunisation team and tell us about any changes.

For further information about the flu vaccine please access Flu vaccination in schools – GOV.UK (

Helen Harvey

Service Manager School Age Immunisation Service

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