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Dear Parents/ Carers,

We are almost half way through this half term. we’ve captured some of the learning of our youngest learners and as you will see our teachers are planning exciting and fun lessons. It feels safe and calm in school and pupils are looking after each other alongside our wonderful midday supervisors and pastoral team. The meet and greet – by teachers – is working well first thing in the morning as well as the new timings of 8.45am to 9am at The Lane. Please ensure you get your child in school on time as the side gate is locked promptly at 9am in order to keep all our pupils safe.

Stop press! Giant egg spotted

In KS1 we had a special delivery this week. A letter containing two maps and a mysterious note. We followed the maps and found a giant, spotted egg! We are unsure which creature might hatch out of it at this stage but some are hoping for dinosaurs, while others would like it to be a dragon, a giant eagle and even a unicorn!

Nursery yoga

At school we believe in keeping bodies and minds healthy so it was great to see Nursery class taking part in yoga this week.

Fun in Reception class


Reception class have been enjoying their learning. It is lovely to see so many smiling faces. They have been counting, writing and drawing as well as enjoying Forest School. Here are some of the things the children have said:

You can hear the sea in the shell.

The leaf has fallen down because it is cold.

The superhero is flying over the top.

I’ve made magenta with blue and pink.


Just on the phone to room service to order treats for doggie and lemonade.

One way system

Thank you for getting used to the one way system. We are at 8 out of 10 so almost a perfect score. Parents are telling me that our amendments to both sites are working and keeping us safe.

Parent hub

This is the way we get information to parents.Very soon we will not be sending texts unless it is vital to do so. Simply scan the QR code and enter @OsbaldwickPrimary

Protecting children against Flu

If you missed the letter here is the important information:

How do I give my consent?

1.     Go to

2.     Enter the School Code PBDDP and click “Find School”.

3.     Complete the form with your child’s information and parent/guardian contact information*.

4.     Click the green “Submit” button.

Cut off date is 18th October

Have a lovely weekend

Well done all pupils for showing a super attitude and have a well deserved rest.

Mr Brown


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