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Update from the Trust

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are pleased to announce that all pupils will return in September 2020.

We are busy planning for this and will share more detailed information via the website, as you will be keen to know the details of how this will safely happen.

Please see accompanying letter from the Trust

Kind regards,


Matthew Brown



7 July 2020

To all parents/carers
at all Ebor Academy Trust schools

Dear Parent/Carer

We have now been able to consider the government guidance for a return to school in September for all pupils. Many of the details are still being worked upon by schools who have the flexibility to adapt the guidance – much of which is non-statutory – according to their own circumstances. This means that while our schools will follow the same general principles, your individual school will be in touch directly with their own specific information.

The first half term in September will be all about reconnecting children with their schools and the return to a more structured education environment. Every child has missed learning and missed their friends and we want to reassure parents and carers that both pastoral and academic considerations will be of utmost importance. We will provide quality support for everyone. There will remain a focus on hygiene and ‘bubble’ groups will be organised to help minimise risks.

We will be implementing a system of controls to prevent infection alongside the need to provide a broad and ambitious curriculum.

Guidance also recommends what we have been steadily implementing anyway, in terms of bolstering the use of IT and remote learning. Therefore should a child not be in school, for whatever reason, remote learning will help bridge the gap. Much effort is being put into ways this can be effected quickly, as necessary.

Parents and carers always have a key role to play in working collaboratively alongside the school and developing these relationships will be increasingly important from September. We want to work with you and your child to alleviate any concerns and provide reassurance where we can. A love of learning is an attitude of mind we really want to instil into children and young people, which will serve them well throughout their lives.

You can also help your school community by not sending your child to school if they, or any members of your household, are showing any symptoms of Covid-19. I will be in touch again before the end of term with a guide for parents, which will address many queries in the run-up to the new school year in September.

Yours faithfully


Mrs Gail Brown
Chief Executive and Executive Headteacher


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