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Easing the Lockdown in Schools

You will be all too aware of the national debate of the decision to gradually reopen
schools to more children as long as key safety criteria is met. Since the prime
minister’s announcement, there has been a raft of government guidance and schools
across the country are working to see how these intentions might be achieved.

I want to make it clear that we will only open our schools to more pupils if we are
satisfied the risks have been mitigated to the extent that it is safe to do so. The health
and safety of staff and pupils is a guiding principle in every decision we make.

Our initial plans – subject to the government’s key criteria being met – are that all
schools will be closed on Monday 1 June and some schools Tuesday 2nd June in
order for all settings to be thoroughly organised, safe and ready for what will be a
very new scenario.

When places are provided for more children in reception, nursery, Y1 and Y6, these
will be on a part-time basis. School will be closed on Wednesdays in order to carry
out a deep clean apart from frontline school (key workers and vulnerable).

Looking ahead, we will continue to prioritise, above all others, those children who are
still coming to school. We are working with our headteachers to explore ways where
we can, if conditions allow it, gradually and in a phased way reintroduce children to
school first from Reception and Nursery classes, Year 1 and Year 6. However I want
to emphasise these measures will be taken with extreme caution, year group by year
group, and only when headteachers are confident to do so.

At the same time, we need to acknowledge that available space in our schools will
dictate this pace and it is perfectly feasible that in order to maintain satisfactory
distancing, there will be limits to the number of children who can attend.

I attach an information sheet I hope will be helpful. While each of our schools will
ultimately make their own decisions based on their own circumstances, this sets out
broad principles the trust expects all our schools to follow. I will continue to keep you
informed of progress as this situation continues to unfold.
Best wishes.

Mrs Gail Brown
Chief Executive and Executive Headteacher

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