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Choir re-starts Wednesday 3rd February for Years 2 – 6


Choir re-starts Wednesday 3rd February for Years 2 – 6 at The Leyes

We are delighted that the school choir will be starting again on 3rd February. Please do join the choir – new members are most welcome. If you would like to join please ask at either school office for a letter. Children who are at the Lane site will be walked down to the Leyes site. Your child should be collected from the Leyes site at 4.30pm.


Planned performances

– Singing at the York Music Festival (held at the University)

– The Leyes and Lane Summer Music Showcase

What do the choir sing?

The choir sing mainly popular music including pop hits, folk songs and fun rounds.

What activities do you do as well as singing?

Children are never standing and singing for long periods.  All serious rehearsing is done in 10 min bursts.  The children get to play musical games with cups, balls and wooden sticks.  We use the whole school hall to make the session lots of fun.

There will be a special choir t-shirt for all children attending regularly until June and Choir folders will also be given to every child. Awards, stickers and prizes will be given for effort.

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