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Learning an instrument

There are lots of opportunities for pupils to get involved in music such as:

  •  Peri lessons (these are paid for) – Violin, Ukulele, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Brass, Woodwind (flute, clarinet and saxophone).
  •  Choir – after school for 1 hour on a Wednesday run by Karen Marshall (free)
  •  School Band – after school for 45 minutes on a Monday run by Diane Martin (free)
  •  Various performance opportunities in school and out of school

Learning an instrument

Visiting Music Professional Educator – Diane Martin – Diane runs the Wider Opportunities year 4 lessons at OPS (Violin, Ukulele and Percussion) and our free school band. Lessons are dynamic, exciting and fun. Packed with excellent musical content and lots of enthusiasm bubbling through from Diane.

Visiting Music Professional Educator – Hannah Crawford – Hannah teaches violin, ukulele and our pre school special music class. Along with a lunch time club ‘Jam Club’ where children learn to play in a pop band using our very own Jam Pod (Pop Band instruments). Hannah has a gift when relating to children, with high skill levels and passion for her subject. She herself performs in a local pop band.

Visiting Music Professional Educator – Joanna Gibbons – Joanna is a highly experienced instrumental teacher working at a number of schools in the city. Teaching piano and keyboard Joanna is creative and imaginative, teaching with a very calm and warm approach. Again, passionate about music and children she also plays her flute in a local orchestra.

Visiting Music Professional Educator – Richard Wilton – Richard has worked at OPS for many years and has achieved outstanding results with children on woodwind and brass instruments over the years. Fun, dynamic and musically inspiring, Richard teaches ALL BRASS and WOODWIND. He also teaches at many schools across the city and runs Shepard’s Band for young players.

Visiting Music Professional Educator – Oliver Stevens – Oliver teaches guitar at OPS in a highly accessible way. Electric or Acoustic, children love his innovative teaching, great music choices and dynamic style! Also a qualified classroom teacher, Oliver is able to group teach with skill and energy. He finds lots of different ways for children to succeed on the guitar!


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