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Dear Parent/Carer

With the end of term fast approaching, this letter is to give you notice that all our schools will soon require the return of Chromebooks, and their chargers, which were issued on free loan just before the school closures.

You will recall you signed loan agreements when you picked up the devices, confirming you would return them on request.

Your school will be in touch shortly with details of when the Chromebooks and chargers are needed back in school and how to safely deliver them.

We hope the devices have been useful in these difficult times and you will understand the need for us to have them back so they can be serviced during the summer holidays. Please note, in accordance with the agreement’s terms and conditions, failure to return the equipment on the due date will, regrettably, result in an invoice for £200 plus VAT being issued.

Yours faithfully


Mrs Gail Brown
Chief Executive and Executive Headteacher

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