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Cross Country

Cross country Results

Well done to all the children who ran at the Cross country competition at Askham  Bryan College. The determination by runners and the support from parents was fantastic. We think Osbaldwick Primary Academy had the most runners from any other school.. 

Here is a list of all those that took part and also the pupils (years 3-6) who are through to the semi-finals at Dalby Forest November 5th.

Year 1 

Frankie Barrett

Freddie Burrows

Alice Dilsworth

Leander Hewitson

Layla Wilford WINNER


Year 2 

Tommy Hambleton 

Brynley Bolton

Sam Thompson

Alfie Tyssen

Parker Goodwin

Lola Dunne WINNER

Seth Richardson


Year 3 

Nancy Davis 

Amelia Dunlop

Katy Hambleton

Oliver Harkus-Hannigan

Ella Hendon


Hannah Moffat

Darren Seymour

Harry Smith 

Sandy Stewart

Alfie Smith


Year 4

Jessica Abbott


Erin Holton

William Horner

Verity Kearns

Grace Rennison

Oscar Robertson

Savannah Seymour

Joana Sola-Farrus

Edward Watkins

Rebecca Wood

Jake Robinson


Year 5 

John Aldine

Carys Briggs

Lilly Jackson

Oscar Dawson QUALIFIED

Simeon Dean

Oliver Dilsworth

Tilly Hendon QUALIFIED

Jaimie Bolton

Noah Richardson

Alicha Thackway


Year 6

Efe Akgul

James Barras

Theo Beattie

Alex Driffield

Otto Kearns

Caitlin Moffat

Darcy Thackway QUALIFIED

Millie Robinson QUALIFIED


We are very proud of all our runners and those that qualified for the semi finals. The next round is November 5th at Dalby Forest. School has had confirmation that all qualifiers have been registered. Parents have permission from school to transport their child to the event. More timings will be updated on the website.

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