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PSHCE teaching and learning at Osbaldwick Primary Academy is tailored to meet the needs of our pupils.

We want our children to leave primary school independent, happy and with healthy bodies and minds, equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle life’s challenges as and when they arise.

All our year groups have timetabled PSHCE lessons but we encourage a cross-curricular approach to the development of PSHCE skills and understanding. Alongside RE, we make use of assemblies to instil key values and take advantage of local, national or cultural events giving children the opportunity for real life application. 

Through the programme of study children build on these overarching themes:

Rights & responsibilities, managing feelings & emotions, healthy relationships, growing & changing, diversity and keeping safe.

Children’s mental health is high up on our agenda and we take great care in our approaches towards pupil wellbeing in school. We teach our children to respect others and place importance on children sharing their concerns through emotional check-ins, allowing these to be swiftly followed up.