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At Osbaldwick Primary Academy we believe in providing children with a broad education. Music is the universal language. It improves children’s listening skills, but also can build self esteem, confidence, team work, resilience and perseverance. Most importantly, music can be good for a child’s emotional well being. It’s fun, creative and something a child can enjoy and be part of the whole of their lives. We provide a wide and varied musical opportunity for ALL children including free music instrumental lessons (taught in whole classes ) in Year 3 & 4.  


Ebor Academy Trust stands for Excellence, Belonging, Opportunity, Respect: 

  • These principles are at the forefront of Osbaldwick Primary’s music curriculum.  Playing an instrument together or singing together we believe gives children a sense of belonging.  
  • Learning an instrument in a whole class situation, being able to attend a choir and orchestra all free of charge and also being able to attend music events (out side school) provides opportunities.  
  • As children learn instruments and perform together, they help each other showing respect and care for one another.  The school has an orchestra, choir and also full range of instruments taught.  


We believe we have some of the best music educators in York at OPA who are passionate and committed to bringing musical joy to our students.