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Our vision is for all children to be able to access an engaging, coherent and challenging journey through maths from EYFS to Year 6 with the belief that all learners can achieve an in-depth understanding through discussion and reasoning.  In the new curriculum, children are expected to further demonstrate their understanding of mathematical concepts and display a deeper understanding. 

The mathematics lessons and curriculum we provide help and guide our pupils to make sense of the numerical world around them by being fluent in basic number facts, understanding patterns and times tables. The skills and concepts are broadly under the headings of: Number, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction/Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics. 

In maths lessons in our school you will see pupils start with fluency of mathematical basics before progressing to reasoning and problem solving. To support this style of learning we teach a  mastery approach (in EYFS & KS1) by using CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) framework. The Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach is a system of learning that uses physical and visual aids to build a child’s understanding of abstract topics. Pupils are introduced to a new mathematical concept through the use of concrete resources (e.g. fruit, Dienes blocks etc). When they are comfortable solving problems with physical aids, they are given problems with pictures – usually pictorial representations of the concrete objects they were using.

Then they are asked to solve problems where they only have the abstract i.e. numbers or other symbols. Building these steps across a lesson can help pupils better understand the relationship between numbers and the real world, and therefore helps secure their understanding of the mathematical concept they are learning. This encourages the children to firstly understand mathematics through physical representations before linking this to different visual/pictorial representations and finally to grasp the abstract nature of the numbers or problem that they have encountered.

Most of all, we endeavour to teach daily lessons that  are stimulating and challenging whilst ensuring timetabling for the repetition of basic skills which require regular practice and overlearning. We believe that a secure foundation of basic skills is crucial to pupils progression in reasoning. In addition to this, we aim to show children the significance that mathematics will have in future life. To do this, we provide opportunities to apply different mathematical concepts to real world situations both in class and through our links with the STEM centre at the University of York. These opportunities allow children to see how mathematics affects the world we live in and develop aspirations to achieve a career in mathematics.  

To support learning, we include a variety of IT resources such as: TT Rockstars (a programme that the school has invested in to promote the importance of times tables in a fun and interactive way and as the new curriculum includes a time table test in year 4, this has become increasingly important) and MyMaths (a programme that school invests in to support the children with home learning by providing them with support and assistance for further mathematics).