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At Osbaldwick we want children to become lifelong readers and we aim to promote a positive reading culture throughout the school. Reading is taught through whole class reading sessions which provides children with the opportunity to dive more deeply into a book. We use a three part reading sequence: first encounters, digging deeper and then beyond the book into the wider world to ensure that children develop a wider understanding of what is being read. Across their school journey, children are equipped with the tools needed to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, as they become enthusiastic and critical readers.



English at Osbaldwick Primary Academy is designed to enthuse and excite all children to become creative readers and writers. Literacy is approached in a sequential manner where children are immersed in the genre, study good examples, practise the skills they require to produce a successful piece before planning their own so children develop a love of writing from an early age. Purpose and audience are integral so that writing is relevant and meaningful for the children. Our ultimate aim is to nurture a culture where children can be proud of their writing and where all pieces are celebrated.