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Art is an important part of the curriculum which allows children to develop individual creativity as well as providing opportunities for collaborative work. We aim to inspire and challenge pupils with the skills and knowledge to allow them to create their own works of art, craft and design and to progress towards being able to think critically and recognise important artworks. Our curriculum aims to provide opportunities to use a variety of media, equipment and materials in 2D and 3D work thereby allowing children to become competent artists in: drawing, painting, printing, collage, textiles and 3D form.

The learning sequence of art at OPA

exploring artists, architects and designers

the development of ideas

The making of art


This is the sequential learning in every year group. Artists, architects and designers are carefully selected by the leader and matched to topics or media for relevance. The development of ideas is evidenced in sketch books where experimentation is encouraged and individuality is celebrated. In the making of art the aim is to develop pupils to master techniques, use appropriate materials and apply their knowledge and skills from their sketch books. In evaluating we value opinion and recognise that not everyone likes the same. Children regularly reflect and use comparisons with the work of others to identify how to improve.

Children will often use their art linked as an intent to other curriculum areas (as per the curriculum overview).