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Newsletter 18.11.21

Dear Parents / Carers,

It is always a pleasure collecting the news stories from around our school and our newsletter hopefully shares with you lots happening across the school.

Supply teachers

Your child may have had a supply teacher recently. Schools across York have had to deal with staff shortages. I am pleased to report that the supply teachers we have deployed have been excellent and well received by the children. We use a pool of teachers who are familiar with the school and ensure your child feels safe and has good teaching if there is absence.

Our Values

All our children know our new school values and every week there is a school focus to embed these within the school.


We are very pleased in school with our new curriculum refresh which can be viewed on our website under the teaching and learning section. Plenty of you are on ‘seesaw’ – which gives you access to viewing, commenting and liking all your child’s learning via tablet or mobile phone. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you do not have access and we can sort this for you.

Odd Sock Day – Monday 15th November

Monday was Odd Sock Day in school with a focus on anti-bullying. This has been taught in all classes and assemblies throughout the week.

Fun in Nursery

Our youngest learners have made a great start and as you can see they have great fun in music, art and forest schools.

Reception Library visit

Reception visited Tang Hall Library and had a lovely time. We are keen to develop a love of reading and this starts as soon as our children start school.


It’s lovely to see so many smiling faces in Reception class.

Security at The Leyes

We are very pleased with our new fencing at The Leyes which separates pedestrians from the car park giving a secure barrier. Please do not take short cuts across the car park if you arrive on foot.

School Council

Our newly formed school council has been selected and have already met as a group – two children from each class. The selection process was completed after we learnt about democracy as part of our British Values. School council have already met, are keen to make some changes to school life and are planning some fundraisers and events. After generating ideas they have decided -through voting – to have a pyjama day at the end of this term.

Uniform and PE dress code

OPA PE uniform policy

Pupils are allowed in their PE kit on PE days – jewellery must be removed. Ear piercings should be left for the summer holidays as it is in all our interests for our pupils to be active.

On non-PE days please ensure your child is smart and has the appropriate uniform.

Covid updates

We Love Reading! 

Reading in Reception and Key Stage 1

At Osbaldwick Primary Academy, we place a huge emphasis on the children learning to read and it is our intent that all of our children see themselves as confident readers both for purpose and pleasure. This year, we have placed reading at the top of our school priorities. 

The teaching of reading focuses on 3 aspects: 

  1. Decoding – children using their phonics knowledge and skills to decode (sound out) unfamiliar words. 
  2. Prosody – children developing their “reader’s voice” to read with expression by looking at punctuation, vocabulary, text type etc. 
  3. Comprehension – children learning to remember and understand what they have read to deepen their learning and/or enjoyment of books. 

All reading books that the children use in school and practise at home are carefully matched to their secure phonic level, which is identified by assessing the children on what sounds and words they can read with instant recognition. 

The expectation is that the children should be reading their books at 90% fluency – this means they should be able to read 9 out of 10 words correctly and automatically. For the words that they don’t know, they will use their phonics knowledge and skills to decode and read it. 

This 90% fluency ensures that the children feel confident and positive about their reading and the success that they enjoy will motivate them to read more. It also ensures that, over time, they read with automaticity. This is the process of doing something without really thinking about it. This means that there is more space in the children’s brains to remember and understand what they have read. 

This year, we are pleased to be able to offer our children access to their reading books through an online E Book Library. Children have a unique username and log in. This will give them access to the books that they are reading in school. 

As well as having access to a specifically matched online reading book, the children will also bring home a library book to share. This book may be above their reading ability level, but encourages the sharing and enjoyment of books together at home. Please do try and find the time to share this – and other books, magazines, comics – with your child and enjoy reading the story, finding facts, looking at the illustrations, predicting what is going to happen next and wondering about the characters together! 

If you have any questions about your child’s reading in school, please contact Mrs Mould for EY and KS1 or Mrs Mowat for KS2 children via the School Office. 

Outdoor wellbeing

As part of nurture groups and a focus on wellbeing one group of Year 5 and 6 took part in an outdoor science activity with Freya – our visitor from St Nicholas Field Environmental Centre. They made some mud seed bombs focusing on having a meadow area in school. It was lots of fun!

Girls’ football

We have started playing both girl’s and boy’s football matches. Our girls played Dunnington and won on their first ever match. Well done girls. We now play Tang Hall on Monday. More on the boys in the next newsletter.

Mud free zone

The children spend lots of time at playtime on grassed areas whilst the weather is still mild. Some children do insist on throwing themselves to the floor. We are putting rules in place so that children can stay within these areas whilst taking responsibility for their behaviour – rolling around on the grass is now banned.

Early Years Open Evening – Tuesday 16th November

Our open evening for all Nursery/Reception starters in 2022/23 was on Tuesday 16th November from 4.00-6.30pm.  This was a drop in session where we were able to welcome and meet parents of our 2022-23 Reception and nursery cohort. It was very successful and lovely to meet so many new faces as well as showcasing our super Early Years.

Training Day – Friday 19th November

Reminder school is closed to pupils on Friday 16th November. We re-open on Monday 22nd November.

Save the Dates

Reception and Nursery traditional Nativity Tuesday 7th December at 9.45am and 2.30pm 

KS1 Nativity Wednesday 8th December at 9.30am and 2pm  

Christmas Showcase at the Church  (afternoon of Friday December 10th – rehearsal in the morning) All Choir members –All Orchestra Members- All children having instrumental lessons in school with Miss Crawford, Mrs Gibbons, Mr Wilton, Ms Dowell one to one or small group or small group – NOT all classes 1pm start

KS2 Carol Concert Wednesday 15th December

ALL key stage 2 children.

1) 9.30am

2) 2.30pm

3) 6.00pm

If your child is interested in sport and you are looking for childcare over the Christmas holidays then Ignite Sport are taking bookings now. OPA use Ignite sport as part of their PE offer in school.






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