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Early Years


We view our Early Years children as competent, capable and creative with huge potential for learning. Our environments enable our children to foster and develop skills and knowledge through a highly effective combination of adult and child led activities.

Adult led activities are meticulously planned from the Statutory Early Years Curriculum and are planned according to children’s needs and interests. Activities are engaging, practical, visual and active and our children display high levels of involvement and motivation.  Lessons are planned to teach specific knowledge and skills and adults model specific learning strategies to aid learning.

As well as adult led teaching activities, our children enjoy long periods of uninterrupted play, indoors and out, that allow them to initiate their own learning experiences. These activities encourage them to independently apply new found knowledge and skills, learn to manage risk and to develop their own sense of curiosity, perseverance, resilience and collaboration. Through these more “open” activities, children also learn to problem solve, take and manage risk and to self-challenge. Adults support and challenge the children during these times through modelling, questioning, demonstrating and encouraging imagination.

The Framework is divided into three sections:

  • Characteristics of Learning: Playing and exploring; Active learning; Creating and thinking
  • 3 Prime Areas of Learning: Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal,social and emotional development
  • 4 Specific Areas of Learning: Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the world; Expressive arts and design
  • with 17 early learning goals to be aimed for by the end of the Reception year in school.